Meme: Crack Crossover Theater (Part II)

Once again via jedibuttercup  -- Same ten characters plus two, re-randomized, more zany questions.

1. Kate Beckett - Castle
2. Abby Sciuto - NCIS
3. Pepper Potts - MCU
4. Daniel Jackson - SG-1
5. Balthazar Blake - Sorcerer's Apprentice
6. Sarah Jane Smith - Doctor Who
7. Nick Fury - MCU
8. Martha Rodgers - Castle
9. David Xanatos - Gargoyles
10. Henrietta "Hetty" Lange - NCIS:LA
11. Dick Grayson - DCU (animated)
12. Xander Harris - BtVS

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Meme: Crack Crossover Theater (Part I)

By way of jedibuttercup: This is a clearly a cousin to the "15 characters" meme, the difference being that the questions have been pre-written (and not by me; they evidently travel with the meme). That being the case, I've run my list of characters through a randomizer before attempting to write the answers.
  1. Balthazar Blake - Sorcerer's Apprentice
  2. Nick Fury - MCU
  3. Xander Harris - BtVS
  4. Pepper Potts - MCU
  5. Daniel Jackson - SG-1
  6. Martha Rodgers - Castle
  7. David Xanatos - Gargoyles
  8. Abby Sciuto - NCIS
  9. Sarah Jane Smith - Doctor Who
  10. Henrietta "Hetty" Lange - NCIS:LA
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Fic/Podfic: Chance Meetings (MCU/Castle)

My "Into A Bar" story is live -- in this case, together with bonus podfic, courtesy of the estimable and gracious [personal profile] malnpudl 

Title: Chance Meetings  •  (podfic version by [personal profile] malnpudl)
MCU, Castle
Word count: ~2300
Rating/Contents: G / no warnings needed
Summary: One of the five men in Manhattan most likely to be working for HYDRA has just left a brewpub in Morningside Heights.  Now that he's gone, it's time for the story to start....

Rarely Written 2015: Given & Received

Amusingly -- and for the first time, I think, since I began playing in Yuletide umpty-mumble years back -- the story I gave and the one I received are both in the same fandom. And since the Rarely Written mods don't do an anon phase, I can show you both of them now....

Here's what I received:

You Make Your Own Destiny by Sumi
G • gen • ~1100 words
Isabella, Madalena

Madalena wanted it for reasons that are more practical. She wanted to rule the kingdom and make sure no one opposed her. It was a much more realistic wish than wanting to be like your childhood hero, Super Knight.

And here's what I wrote:

A Woman Is Entitled....
for Missy
G • gen • ~3500 words
Madalena (and Richard, Gwynne, Jester, Chef)

The opening number seems clear enough: Madalena and Galavant were madly, hopelessly, genuinely in love. Yet the Madalena we meet at her wedding to Richard -- to say nothing of the woman she proves to be as the series progresses -- doesn't seem to have been in love with Galavant at all. Surely both these stories can't be true...

...but then again, this is a musical. And a fantasy, since there's an actual wizard in it. And that being the case, there just might be an explanation.

Dear Scribe: Not Prime Time 2015

Aaaaand here we go again!

I signed up at the tail end of the window for this, but I am as enthusiastic as I've ever been, and will be as grateful for New Stuff To Read as these exchanges invariably make me.  So much wonderful material comes out of all of these, and having a bit of it be particularly for me is an ongoing source of delight.  So thank you for taking part, and let's get to the good stuff....

My requested fandoms are these:

Gargoyles • any
Kim Possible • any
Sky High • Gwen Grayson
Young Wizards (Diane Duane) • Harry Callahan

And here"s the obligatory cut:Collapse )

Saw Cinderella this week....

If you are looking for modern revisionism, large doses of female empowerment, or musical comedy, this is not your version of Cinderella.

OTOH, if you are looking for a mostly-traditional retelling of the fairy tale, neither as grim as Grimm nor as sprightly as Rodgers & Hammerstein, I may have a movie for you.

This is possibly not surprising given Kenneth Branagh in the director's chair.  We've seen Branagh do Shakespeare (Much Ado).  We've seen Branagh do Thor as, essentially, Asgardian Shakespeare (it didn't hurt that my regional Shakespeare festival was wrapping up a run-through of the Henry plays when that movie came out).  This is Branagh doing Cinderella as, essentially, late-period Shakespearean romance.  Which may explain both the many things that go right and the two or three things that I thought went slightly wrong.  Just as Shakespeare's Winter's Tale is schizophrenic in certain respects, so is this version of Cinderella.  (There's probably a full-scale essay in that idea, but this is not that post.)

Things that go right: almost all the roles are beautifully cast and extremely well acted.  The scenery, costuming, and staging is likewise gorgeous.  And the bits taken explicitly from Disney (in particular the mice) are generally handled very well indeed.  And the script is thoughtful without being heavy-handed.  It isn't a script that will win over those who find the Cinderella story problematic going in, but it's a script that (mostly) works hard to supply a context in which its characters make sense given the story that they occupy.  In this sense, it's definitely an actors' version of the tale.

Things that go wrong (IMO, anyway): Helena Bonham Carter's performance as the godmother seems off kilter from the rest of the movie -- she's  going for laugh lines a little too broadly.  By contrast, the CGI mice are handled much better: Cinderella understands their chittering, but they're played much straighter and the humor they do provide serves the story in a way the godmother's self-aware asides don't.  [That said, stay to the end of the credits; Bonham Carter's rendition of "Bibbity Bobbity Boo" is delightful, right down to her very last line (yes, it's on YouTube; no, DO NOT cheat and listen before you go see the movie. Trust me on this.]

Second: there's a late-blooming subplot involving Lady Tremaine (the stepmother, one of the direct Disney imports) and the King's chief adviser that never quite pays itself off.  The script esssentially tosses the relevant slipper, er, shoe into the air...and neither that shoe nor its mate are ever heard from again.  It's a puzzling distraction, but not much more than that.

Third: A much larger plot strand involves the Prince never knowing our heroine's name until very late in the movie.  But when he finally gets it out of her, after she's been re-united with her slipper, she introduces herself as "Cinderella"...and in this film, that feels totally wrong.  The script makes a point of the cruelty with which Ella's stepsisters and stepmother bestow that name on her.  It makes a point of the pain Ella experiences as they do so.  And it also makes a point, once Ella and her prince are firmly in each other's corners, of Ella's refusal to grant the Tremaines any further power over her.  Which was why I cringed when she told the Prince she was "Cinderella"...because the only association the viewer is given with that name is the nastiness with which it's first applied.  The moment doesn't quite break the movie for me -- the chemistry between the leads is good enough for me to get past it -- but it struck a really discordant note.

In the end: glitches notwithstanding, this is something of a rarity in modern Hollywood: a traditionally staged production of a traditional fairy tale that actually relies more on character than on special effects (though the SFX are first-rate nonetheless).  It doesn't quite sparkle, but my specific complaints aside, the all-around quality of craft is first-tier Disney -- and that's pretty darned good.

Meme: Take a Letter

Via [personal profile] sharpest_asp , who assigned me D:

Something I hate: Deviled eggs.  Actually, this is cheating slightly; what I have is an aversion (not an actual allergy, thank goodness) to eggs-as-eggs that manifested when I was very, very small, but deviled eggs are a particularly vivid squick-memory.  This did not prevent me from eating well-done French toast, pumpkin pie, or any number of other things into which eggs are beaten/mixed/what have you (quiche would set it off, though), but it made it a Very Bad Idea for anyone to attempt to feed me scrambled eggs, hard-boiled eggs, fried eggs, deviled eggs, et cetera.   My parents learned very quickly not to push the issue; it took my Scoutmaster two separate incidents before he granted the point and found me other things to have for breakfast.  I am not sure of the degree to which the physical aversion reflex may persist nowadays, as it's been decades since I myself consciously pushed the issue, but it's not something I feel inclined to test, and I don't feel as if I'm missing much -- except occasionally when having breakfast in restaurants, where many menus completely fail to accommodate my eccentricity. :-/

Something I love: Diane Duane books ... all of them. 

Somewhere I've been: the Deschutes River in central/eastern Oregon.  This was one of the Scouting trips from my youth (taking place after the Scoutmaster had learned to accommodate my dietary issues); we went rafting/inner-tubing down the river, which I enjoyed a lot...until I got back to camp and realized that I had totally failed to consider the concept of sunscreen, and had -- per the old Cheetos commercial -- quick-fried to a crackly crunch.  Ow.  Just, ow.  Still a fun trip, however.

Somewhere I'd like to go: Disneyland (any of them); I am among the benighted souls who've never been -- we were never the right kind of tourist travelers when I was growing up.  (OTOH, we did do the Universal Studios tour once....)  Amusingly, my mother eventually got to the original Disneyland by virtue of a professional conference, but I don't think my father has ever been either.  My younger brother's family, who live in greater LA, have of course all gone...although lately I think it's mostly to see my nephew play in his school's marching band, which gets invited to play there from time to time.

Someone I know: D--, the above-mentioned younger brother, who is one of those unflappably multi-competent people you want around in an emergency.  He also has two minor superpowers, at least one of which my nephew may have inherited.  He can get from Point A to Point B without appearing to traverse the space in between (this is essentially ninja skill rather than teleportation -- we think), and he has the uncanny ability to find a parking place right near the front entrance of anywhere he goes.

A film I like: Dr. Syn, the Disney adaptation of the literary character (not the Bat-villain) the Scarecrow.

A book I like: Dark Angel by L. J. Smith; possibly the funniest of her "Night World" series, and the least constrained by the overall series continuity.  (In particular: best execution of a Jedi-mind-trick joke I think I've ever seen....)

Comment if you want a letter to answer, OR, comment here with a letter you want me to answer.


Dear Scribe: Rarely Written 2015

Thanks to a timely reminder from [personal profile] sharpest_asp, I am now signed up for [community profile] rarelywritten (successor to the RareWomen exchange of prior years, now relocated to DW and renamed). A proper Dear Writer letter will follow shortly; in the meantime, my "dear santa" tag collects my letters from various past exchanges, and may be of general help.

[much later]
Okay, so "shortly" morphed into "a week later" when I wasn't looking. Aii. Anyhow....

Greetings, and welcome, and also thank you; I continue to be astonished and delighted by the stories folk write for me in the various exchanges I inhabit. I suppose, realistically, the astonishment ought to be wearing off by now, since I've been writing gift-stories all along too; I know we get as much glee out of the writing process as we do the reading when the stories go live. OTOH, that just makes me appreciate the work you're putting in on my behalf all the more. But I'm burbling, and these letters aren't getting any shorter.

So here are the fandoms I've requested:

Austin & Murry/O'Keefe families - Madeleine L'Engle
(Kali Cutter, Polly O'Keefe)
Galavant (Isabella, Madalena)
Valdemar series - Mercedes Lackey (Tarma, Kethry, Kerowyn)

And here"s a cut-tag to keep this manageable:Collapse )


Whoof.  The Christmas tree has been hauled off to recycling, the holiday leftovers have all been eaten or otherwise dispatched, a key football game has been listened to (since both of the relevant family households source their TV over the air, and are therefore cut off from the higher-end bowl games nowadays), and the opening hour of Galavant has been watched.

Which means I can finally take a moment to post my Yuletide contribution for this year, which has generated a very satisfying round of comments:

And I Do Mean Yours [for serenityabrin]
Length: ~2000 words
Fandom: Gargoyles (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Owen Burnett & David Xanatos
Characters: Puck | Owen Burnett, David Xanatos
Additional Tags: References to Shakespeare

"Use your best judgment – and I do mean yours, Mister Burnett,” Xanatos added pointedly. “If I’d wanted a clone as my right-hand man, I’d have commissioned one.”

This was an assignment that shifted ground on me several times in the course of the writing -- and in a somewhat different way than my Yuletide stories often do.  This one started out very compact, then looked as if it was going to expand dramatically, and then condensed again but in a different way than I'd expected.   (Most of the time, the shift stops at the "expand dramatically" phase.)  Surprises along the way notwithstanding, I am very pleased with the way it turned out, and chuckled to myself a good deal as I was researching and slipping in Easter eggs.  [Most of the Easter eggs have been tagged by various alert commenters, but there are one or two as yet unremarked.  Which is all right, because I did indulge in one bit of whimsy that possibly a dozen people in the world might possibly catch, and AFAIK at most one of them is even remotely likely to ever see the story.  Or possibly two.]

All in all, a very satisfying Yuletide indeed, in both the writing and the reading.

Yuletide 2014: Gifts & Recs

It is the Yuletide of dreams, for I got two stories...and one of them is from The Lastborn of Elvinwood! Herewith my gifts and a short cluster of recs:

Written for me:

The Usual Arrangements by Anonymous
Length: ~1800 words
Fandom: The Lastborn of Elvinwood - Linda Haldeman
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Thomas Heaton, Merlin, Ian James

We're told that 'he told a tale well', but how would the Vicar spin Ian's first meeting with the little folk to his master?

I have been waiting for *years* for this story (and it was a pure and utter surprise when I found I'd gotten it). A clever and amusing spin on a key encounter between various principal characters.  Best. Yuletide.  Ever.  (Also, now that I think of it, actually, fairly comprehensible -- and possibly funny -- even if you haven't read the novel.)


No Law Against Looking by Anonymous
Length: 100 words
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century (Cartoon)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Beth Lestrade

The rules of relationship can get tangled after two hundred years.

Heh.  Yes, they do, and here Lestrade is looking at Holmes from a doubly unique perspective.  Very well done indeed, and a worthy gift.


And onward, to an assortment of recs.  One note in particular: I have been reading very erratically, such that I often have not read all the stories in any given fandom.  So a rec for one story in a given fandom is just that, and does not say anything one way or the other about other stories in that same fandom.


Heaven's Coins  by Anonymous
Length: ~1550 words
Fandom: A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jacob Marley & Ebenezer Scrooge
Characters: Ebenezer Scrooge, Jacob Marley

Marley's haunting was all that saved Scrooge from eternal damnation. Years have passed and it is time to repay the favor.

A very interesting take on Scrooge's arrival in the hereafter.  On the one hand, this plays very straight with its Dickens; on another, though, there's a faint and fascinating resonance here between this piece and The Muppet Christmas Carol's choice to cast Statler and Waldorf as "Marley and Marley".


Anno Domini 1915 by Anonymous
Length: ~500 words
Fandom: Dark Is Rising Sequence - Susan Cooper
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Merriman Lyon, Miss Greythorne (Dark Is Rising)

...I've just passed The Learning chapters in my reread of TDIR and recalled how much I love Miss Greythorne, so have some pre-canon Old Ones. I also hope this isn't too grim for a gift!

Not too grim at all in my book, though it's not perhaps a tale for the squeamish -- a fascinating, unusual pre-canon snapshot of Merriman and Miss Greythorne (one of my favorite characters, too), and the consequences of the choices one makes as an Old One.


And Wings Made of Air by Anonymous
Length: ~1500 words
Fandom: Dobrenica Series - Sherwood Smith
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Marius Alexander Ysvorod and Aurelia Kim Murray
Characters: Marius Alexander Ysvorod, Aurelia Kim Murray

Marius Alexander Ysvorod, crown prince of Dobrenica, the day after his wedding...

Thoughtful and funny and sweet and wondrous (in the old-fashioned sense-of-wonder sense) in all the right places.  For me, the voice here catches precisely the echo I've noted in canon between this series and Elizabeth Peters' Vicky Bliss novels; the relationship between Alec and Kim has much the same texture as that between John and Vicky, though with something of a reversal of roles.


Reasons of the Heart by Anonymous
Length: ~5300 words
Fandom: Jonny Quest
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jonny Quest & Hadji Singh, Benton Quest & Race Bannon
Characters: Jonathan "Jonny" Quest, Hadji Singh, Benton Quest, Race Bannon, Bandit (Jonny Quest)

“The heart has its reasons whereof reason knows nothing.” (Blaise Pascal)

A lovely, leisurely depiction of the evolution of a found family, perceptive and sensitive but not at all saccharine, invoking just the right touch of tension without devolving into angst.  Very canon-aware, and yet I think it holds up independent of canon; this is first-class writing whether or not you know the series.


To Grandmother's Secret Lab We Go by Anonymous
Length: ~7400 words (4 chapters)
Fandom: Narbonic, Skin Horse (Webcomic)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Helen B. "Beta" Narbon, Dave Davenport, Artie | RT-5478, Mell Kelly, Caliban (Narbonic), Rosalind Narbon, Project UNITY, Dr. Helen A. "Alpha" Narbon, Captain's Fancy Valentine Sweetheart, Nick Zerhakker

While playing host to the Narbons, Mell gets tracked down by a relative... of sorts. But hers isn't the only unexpected family reunion in store, and soon the whole crew is on a cross-country Narbon-vs.-Narbon chase. Blood may be thicker than water, but are nanites thicker than blood?

For some reason, I didn't move on to Skin Horse after encountering and falling in love with Narbonic two-thirds or so of the way in.  Now I may have to change that, because this is at once a totally spectacular post-canon Narbonic adventure and a dropped-in-at-the-deep-end Skin Horse caper, and while I haven't read the latter strip at all, the story is hyperactively madcap enough that it holds up regardless.  Also, if I didn't know better, I'd seriously think I'd written this myself, because its style and structure remind me of my own Kim Possible/Narbonic crossover from some years back.  (I emphasize that this is a reminds-me-in-a-good-way note, not a criticism or complaint.)  Mad science has never been more fun than these characters make it, whether in Shaenon Garrity's hands or those of the present fanwriter.


Mrs Pollifax Does Lunch by Anonymous
Length: ~2800 words
Fandom: Mrs. Pollifax - Dorothy Gilman
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: John Farrell & Emily Pollifax
Characters: Grace Hartshorne

A wintry day in New Brunswick, New Jersey is brightened considerably by an unexpected visitor.

Much of the tiny body of Pollifax fanfic takes place in New Jersey, between Mrs. Pollifax's espionage adventures.  This particular story raises the stakes, though, by setting up a face-to-face confrontation between veteran operative John Sebastian Farrell and Emily's notoriously inquisitive neighbor Miss Hartshorne.  Impressively, neither character blinks, and yet the resulting fireworks -- muted but undeniable -- arise from another angle entirely.  The result is a thoughtful treatment of all three characters that catches the authentic Gilman tone. 


From Here to Eternity by Anonymous
Length: 100 words
Fandom: Valdemar Series - Mercedes Lackey
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Vanyel Ashkevron/Bard Stefen

Guarding the border has its moments. And sometimes it doesn't.

A brief, amusing look at afterlife in the Forest of Sorrows.  And possibly an argument for either Vanyel or Stefan being a distant ancestor of Calvin's -- and, as the obvious corollary, Hobbes being a Firecat.  (This story is not that fusion, but it might well lay the groundwork for such....)


The Other Side by Anonymous
Length: ~1150 words
Fandom: Valdemar Series - Mercedes Lackey
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Sayvil, Kerowyn

Sayvil experiences Choosing from a new perspective.

Noteworthy both for the direct look at Companion life from backstage and for the neatly executed reverse spin on Kerowyn's moment of Choice from By the Sword.

Fandom Stocking 2014

I have signed up for [community profile] fandom_stocking  again this year; my stocking is over here.  (LiveJournal denizens note that both of the foregoing links point over to Dreamwidth.)

Signups are still open through tomorrow (12/13) if anyone is interested; guidelines and instructions are here, and the signup post itself is here.

A tip for DW subscribers: I have found it useful to set up two reading-page filters for this exchange: one that consists of everything except [community profile] fandom_stocking  posts, and one that's exclusively for [community profile] fandom_stocking.  This has simplified my life greatly during the period that the exchange is active.

Herewith my [community profile] intoabar fic.  Yes, this one is definitely cracktastic...

Title: The Left Turn at Albuquerque Caper
Characters: Captain Victoria Gates* (Castle); Zack (Carmen Sandiego), the Chief (Carmen Sandiego)
Fandoms: Castle, Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?
Word count: ~2200
Rating/Contents: Rated G.  AU for Castle as of Season 7; mentions events from the Season 6 finale.

Written for A Ficathon Goes Into A Bar....
Two weeks had passed since Richard Castle’s dramatic wedding-day disappearance, and Captain Victoria Gates – in unofficial but carefully arranged rotation with Esposito and Lanie Parish – had taken to “dropping into” the Old Haunt at regular intervals, to make certain Kate Beckett wasn’t sliding entirely off the rails into depression or worse.

And then a pink vortex dropped a demin-jacketed teenager into the bar....

Yuletide 2014: Dear YuleScrivener

Greetings, O YuleScrivener, and welcome!  And also, thank you!  Where Yuletide is concerned, I am nothing if not a Requester Of The Seriously Obscure.  Thus I am always amazed when the technomancy of the matching process succeeds in finding a writer who shares my appreciation for said obscurity, and delighted on Christmas morning when a wonderful and wondrous story from that writer's (metaphorical) pen lands in my AO3 gift-folder.  We may just be setting out on this year's journey, but I know there's a happy ending to come, and I am grateful for it already.  Your work is (and will be) appreciated and valued, and I look forward to seeing its fruits.

This year's fandoms

These letters aren't getting any shorter, so while I've got detailed material farther down, I think it's only fair to give you the list of fandom requests up front.  So, those would be:

Jacqueline Kirby - Elizabeth Peters (Jacqueline Kirby)
Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century (Sherlock Holmes, Beth Lestrade)
The Lastborn of Elvinwood - Linda Haldeman (Ian James, Thomas Heaton)
Young Wizards - Diane Duane (Carmela Rodriguez, Dairine Callahan)

Likes, dislikes, notes, and specifics below....Collapse )

Fic Corner 2014: What I Wrote

And here's my contribution, a longer story following on from Bruce Coville's A.I. Gang trilogy. I had a lot of fun writing this one; it's an especially nifty canon, and I had a chance to stretch my muse a bit.  Also I got a really happy and extensive comment from my recipient; as I told her in the reply, if it's possible to get a sunburn from basking in reflected squee, I am potentially in serious trouble.

Matters of Death and Life
Fandom: The A. I. Gang (Bruce Coville)
Rating: G
Length: ~7900 words
Characters: Roger Phillips, Rachel Phillips, Dr. Anthony Phillips, Wendy Wendell III, Dr. Stanley Remov, Dr. Bai' Ling, Dr. Leonard Weiskopf

Lately Rachel’s thoughts had begun turning toward her mother. There were things she just couldn’t talk about with her father or Roger, and there wasn’t any adult woman in her life she felt comfortable treating as a confidante. She had, however, been able to articulate the problem to her twin – and had then mentally kicked herself for not seeing the answer he’d offered.

Double pleasure this time around; I have a story and a treat, both from L. J. Smith's Night World  series.

Feel the earth move and then • by [personal profile] flamebyrd 
Fandom: Night World (L. J. Smith)
Rating: G
Length: ~1100 words
Raksha Keller, Galen Drache (Galen/Raksha)
Warnings: none
Tags: AU, first meetings, spies & secret agents

Agent Raksha Keller has been assigned a new partner. She is not impressed.

This is mildly AU, treating the Night World as spy/intrigue fare with a first meeting between Our Heroes that hits all the right notes.  Fun yet nuanced, and quite well executed.

Vacation • by [personal profile] flamebyrd 
Fandom: Night World (L. J. Smith)
Rating: G
Length: ~650 words
Aradia, Maggie Neely, Delos, Raksha Keller
Warnings: none
Tags: team bonding, late night conversations, quiet moments

Aradia is not used to down-time.

And this is a shorter piece, a thoughtful and perceptive character snapshot of Aradia -- a secondary but important character who turns up in the last couple of Night World books.

I'm very happy with both stories, and especially grateful to have both an "official" story and a treat from the same talented writer.  That's beyond the call of duty for sure, and very much appreciated.


This is a fanfic journal. I'm interested in a wide variety of fandoms as well as in meta- and theoretical discussions; see my interests list for specific fandom categories. Comments, critiques, recs, reviews, and the like are always welcome.


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