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This LJ is specifically targeted for fanfic and related postings/comments. The civilian LJ is elsewhere....

I am interested in a variety of fan-universes (almost all media, a few PD literary, many decidedly obscure -- see the Interests list, which is liable to expand over time). I've been surfing the edges of the fic community for a long time, and postings here may be somewhat intermittent -- though at least I can now point you to my FF.net page. I'm interested both in writing fic and in looking at theory-and-criticism issues, and am open to beta requests in fandoms in which I'm literate as my schedule permits (although be warned -- I have high standards of craft, and am likely to make suggestions that may not match the sensibilities of established fannish communities if I think they serve the story better). As a class, I tend to read more het than slash and to focus more on canon pairings than others -- but that's subject to considerable variation from fandom to fandom, and sufficiently good writing and setup can sell me on pairings I'd not otherwise have thought plausible.

Questions, comments, and honest critiques are welcome as they may arise....

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